HealthyChef - 4 in 1 unit

healthy chef Tired of using different appliances to accomplish everyday cooking tasks? Ready for more kitchen space? The most complete appliance is finally here! The Healthy Chef 4-in-1 will save you both time and money.

The Healthy Chef offers many unique capabilities as this is not a normal dehydrator. With the patented air-flow system, it guarantees a simple, even drying experience without taking up a significant amount of counter space.

The dehydrator features an adjustable thermometer (86 degrees – 176 degrees), a set of 5-Tray expandable trays and a patented convection dehydrating system. The drying system does not apply direct heat. This prevents nutritious enzymes from being destroyed and preserves flavor! Special channels in the sides and center directs air flow over each individual tray (see image diagram). This is a patented airflow system unlike any other on the market. This ensures fast, uniform drying superior to other types of dehydrators with no need to rotate trays!
Use the steamer function to steam vegetables, fish, shrimp, clams, even whole lobsters in minutes. Steaming preserves vitamins, nutrients and flavor. A staple in any kitchen! Simply fill the pan with 1 in. of water and set the steamer function. It's that easy! Add beer, wine, herbs and other spices in the water to add incredible flavour to your steaming.
yogurt maker Yogurt Maker:
Tired of the expensive store bought yogurt that has ingredients you can't pronounce? Make your own yogurt with the 6 glass jars (8 oz each). With the flip of a setting, it is ready to make fresh yogurt in just 6 hours! It's fun, easy and only a fraction the cost of store bought yogurt. Add fresh fruit for a delicious and healthy dessert or breakfast. The Healthy Chef comes with four glass jars!
Rice Cooker:
Yes, it makes rice too! The Healthy Chef comes with a bowl to cook rice at the flip of a switch. Make up 4 cups of cooked rice in no time! Simply flip the setting to rice, fill the unit with raw rice and in just 25 minutes, enjoy perfectly cooked rice.
rice cooker
  • 4-in-1 Dehydrator, Steamer, Rice Cooker, Yogurt Maker
  • Digital controller and timer
  • includes non-stick pan
  • 5 12x12 Trays
  • Patented Air-Flow System
  • Automatic Timer Function
  • Adjustable Thermometer 86-176 Degrees
  • Food Steamer and Cooker
  • Yogurt Maker
  • Rice Cooker

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